Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tea Parties in Competition???

At todays very successful volunteer training secession for Janet Contreras one Jerry Stein came up to me after to meeting and informed me that "he was going into competition with me...he was forming his own Tea Party in the North Phoenix area." I was a bit taken back by this statement because I have never been under the impression that the Tea Parties were in competition with one another. After all, this is not a football game pitting one team against another. My thought was that all Tea Parties should co-operate with one another and in fact we have tried to form a Tea Party Leadership group for that purpose. Of course I told Jerry that his starting another Tea Party was a very good move and that I indeed did not consider it as being in competition with the Original North Phoenix Tea Party...or any other tea party for that matter. It is our hope that tea parties will spring up in virtually every community in the state and nation and that their objective is not to compete with other Tea Parties but rather co-operate with them so that we bring a united front against the forces that threaten our great nation. I honestly hope that Jerry's statement was not reflective of how he actually feels because if it is, it will spell the death of the Tea Party Movement in the future. Again...this is not a football game we are playing but it is, in fact, a very deadly battle against those that would see our country destroyed.

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  1. Each'TEA Party' has a different "flavor", we need many varieties for like-minded people. There's so many people we need to draw into the movement, plenty of people to go around for everyone in every area, the purpose is to continue to draw in more members. Tea Parties focus shouldn't be 'competition' with each other but garner more support to our cause and values. I think North Phoenix is big enough to accomodate 10 or 20 Tea Parties......the more Tea Parties, the better!!!